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We want to care for, appropriately and effectively, anyone who wants Shepherd to be their spiritual home.  This Spirit-led desire feels even more poignant when we consider those who have been disenfranchised, including those in the LGBT+ community, those born in other places or of a different skin color, those experiencing economic hardship, and others. Therefore, in October 2020, the Session of Shepherd of the Hill passed the following statement:

We Welcome All
“We welcome all people to worship the living God…”

To be inclusive means to accept all people as loved by God.  We recognize that all who
receive Christ belong in the community of faith.  We also recognize and honor the rich complexity and diversity of people God calls to our faith community, including people
who disagree with this statement.  Though not all may agree, we find our unity in Christ who loves each of us and all of us together.

We welcome all people into all parts of the church’s life and ministry,
including ordained ministry as a Ruling Elder, Teaching Elder, or Deacon.  
We seek to appreciate the vital worth of each human being, and will intentionally
work to provide welcome and inclusion of all people in the life of our congregation.