Covid-19 Information


We are now meeting for in-person worship and other church gatherings.  Masks are optional in worship and for other church activities.

For Those Wishing to Live Stream:  Our services are available live on the homepage of or in the Shepherd of the Hill App for Android or Apple devices.  In addition, we upload a recorded version of the service on Sunday evenings.

Guidance may differ depending on the specific situation.  For all positive cases and exposures, staff will make recommendations based on the latest CDC guidance.  In addition to that guidance, the following will apply:
Confirmed Case at Shepherd:  If someone in our congregation reports contracting COVID-19, the staff will ask if their name can be shared with the congregation.  With their approval, people will be notified.  If they say no, then the appropriate groups will be notified about which gatherings the person was present, according to the person with the case, without sharing their name.
Possible Secondary Exposure:  If someone is in close contact with someone who is notified they were exposed to COVID-19, they do not need to show a negative test and can participate in activities normally.